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Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co,. Ltd. has been adhering to the "people-centered" business philosophy, we attaches great importance to providing various training opportunities for our employees, customers, channel distribution partners and suppliers. Since the foundation of our company, various types of training have been carried out systematically. In April 2006, we officially launched the establishment of "Huadian Switchgear College", which is a comprehensive combination of Xiamen Huadian itself, relying on external well-known experts and elites. The college aims to further improve and standardize the company's training system and create a better training environment.

Employee training mainly includes the following three aspects:
Vocational training:When employees join the job, Xiamen Huadian will assist employees in career planning according to the different needs of employees at all levels, and arrange appropriate vocational training according to their aptitude.
Professional training:In order to let employees learn more international and domestic advanced technology and management experience, our company actively hires senior scholars and experts at home and abroad to provide professional training for employees.
Language training:For promoting better communication between employees and international experts, Xiamen Huadian holds various types of English language training from time to time, allowing employees to learn the world's most cutting-edge technology more conveniently through the improvement of language skills.

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