Hanas Azo Banner Helanshan Wind Farm Enerswit+ 35kV RMU Successfully put into commercial operation


Recently, the Enerswit+35kV of Hanas Azo Banner Helanshan Wind Farm was was complete erection, testing, commissioning & putting into successful commercial operation.

The wind farm is located in the territory of Bayin Chaogetugacha, Barun Beili Town, Azor Banner, Inner Mongolia, with an installed capacity of 200 MW and an expected annual power generation of 450 million kWh, which can save about 170,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 430,000 tons per year.

Hanas Aza Banner Helanshan Wind Farm                                        Xiamen Huatech Enerswit+40.5kV RMU

Xiamen Huatech provides new energy solutions and efficient and professional services

This project adopted Xiamen Huadian Enerswit+40.5kV, which is installed inside the tower of Vestas wind turbine. The equipment is small in size, light in weight, maintenance-free, reduces the occupied area inside the wind turbine tower, easily passes through the wind turbine tower door, and saves maintenance cost significantly.

Contribute to sustainable development

Wind power generation in the production of electricity to achieve good economic benefits colleagues, can effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce pollution of the environment. Wind power to promote pollution prevention, industrial transformation, will provide momentum for the green development of Alxa.

In order to ensure the construction cycle of the customer's project, Xiamen Huatech mobilized resources from all sides, from the announcement of the bid award, contract signing, production, delivery, on-site installation and commissioning to power delivery and commissioning in only 60 working days, completing the delivery task with high efficiency and high quality, providing customers with the ultimate value service.

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