Huatech Airing Eco-friendly LBS solution helps build a "green grid" in Qujing, Yunnan


Based on the needs of environmental protection, SF6-free, energy saving and emission reduction, and helping the power grid achieve the goal of "3060 double carbon", Southern Power Grid Yunnan Qujing Kirin Power Supply Bureau took the lead in commissioning the Airing series environmental protection gas insulated RMU in Kirin District on April 29, 2021, which is the first 12kV RMU using environmental protection gas as "breaking medium + insulation medium" in China. The switchgear has been running smoothly since it was put into operation, which has helped Yunnan Power Grid to build a green power grid and contribute to the construction of Yunnan ecological protection and beautiful China.

The project was jointly developed by Yunnan Electric Power Research Institute (YEPRI), XJTU and Xiamen Huadian, which based on Airing series environmentally friendly gas insulated RMU developed by Huadian, and passed the relevant test verification at Xi'an High Voltage Research Institute in July 2020.

This switchgear innovatively adopts C4 mixed environmental protection gas as the opening and insulating medium, which is especially suitable for high altitude and low temperature areas; it adopts the technical solution of self-energy arc extinguishing structure and has strong opening capacity, which is different from the common environmental protection gas only as the insulating medium in the market. It has achieved a major breakthrough in the technology of opening and insulation under low inflation pressure, effectively solved the problem of complete replacement of SF6 gas in the field of switchgear, effectively solved the problem of opening and insulation of gas-insulated switchgear under micro-negative pressure, effectively solved the problem of gas leakage and bulging of gas-insulated switchgear in high-altitude areas, and provided a safe and reliable support for low-carbon environmental protection and strong distribution network. It provides safe and reliable support for low-carbon environment-friendly and strong distribution network.

Supporting "Double Carbon", Airing Series Environmental Protection Gas Insulated RMU Solution

Environmentally friendly: dry air or C4 gas mixture, no SF6 gas, to help achieve the "double carbon" goal
Breaking capacity: micro-negative pressure or zero gauge pressure breaking capacity, to meet the reliable operation under normal pressure
③Environmental weathering: meet the special environment of high altitude, high cold, filth, humidity and heat, sand and drought, coastal and so on
④Rated parameters: voltage 12kV, current 630A~1250A, short-time withstand current 20kA~25kA
⑤Complete program: C load switch unit, T combination electrical unit, D vacuum circuit breaker unit
⑥Compact structure: the cabinet width is only 450 or 500, effectively reducing the distribution room footprint, outdoor room size and weight
⑦Fully insulated and metal sealed structure: to meet the harsh application environment and realize the whole life cycle of primary equipment maintenance-free
⑧Digital O&M: Based on Huatech EDS Intelligent Switch Condition Monitoring Platform

Airing series of Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. has self-energy load switch unit, self-energy load switch + fuse combination electrical unit and vacuum circuit breaker unit. It is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 12kV distribution network, and conforms to GB, DL, IEC and other standards.

Airing series has been widely applicated in urban distribution network, commercial real estate, municipal engineering, schools, residential distribution district and other industries, providing safe and reliable support for lights of a myriad families and strong distribution network.

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