Empowering new energy, Huatech helps Hunan Longyuan wind power digital transformation


As an important part of new energy generation, the development and construction of wind power generation has a huge impact on the development of the surrounding cities. Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of National Energy Group, as the first specialized company to develop wind power in China, continues to lead the development of the industry and technological progress, making positive contributions to the green and low-carbon development of global energy and the use of renewable energy.

Photo source: Longyuan Power Group Co.

In response to China's goals of "carbon peaking" by 2030 and "carbon neutrality" by 2060. Through preliminary survey and communication, Xiamen Huadian helped Hunan Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. to carry out digital transformation, adopting a new generation of box-type fixed gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear and integrating a new digital solution to make the grid connection of wind power generation more smooth and reliable.In order to realize real-time status monitoring of the three-position isolated grounding switch of the enclosed gas box, we took the lead in adopting HD wide-angle camera for all-round video monitoring to accurately determine the working status of the three-position switch, upgrading the position status from the original indirect judgment to direct visualization.

Xiamen Huadian has focused on switchgear manufacturing for 20 years and accumulated rich O&M experience and massive data. Based on professional database, it develops online monitoring system for mechanical characteristics, uses edge computing to conduct all-round analysis and diagnosis of every move of the switch and provides the most reliable and reasonablepre-O&M guidance, so that O&M is no longer clueless. Combined with the wireless temperature measurement system, it can judge the temperature rise status in the cabinet in real time, discover abnormal temperature rise in advance, and reject unplanned power outages. Xiamen Huatech's digital solution has cumulativelyreduced unplanned power outages by 60% and O&M costs by 50% for customers.

At present, Longyuan Hengdong decentralized 21MW wind power project 35kV switching station has been successfully delivered. In addition to bringing digital solutions to the new energy industry, Xiamen Huatech also provides a more reliable, safe and economical digital upgrade experience for the power grid, metallurgy, coal mining and petrochemical industries.

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